Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Car - 1978 Datsun Sunny

My first car when I turned 18 was a used 1978 White Datsun Sunny.
It wasn't flash, or pretty, but as dad kept saying, 
"You just need something to get you from A to B."
And that it did.

Aside from my less than desirable manual skills -
(I'm a firm believer in If you can't find em', Grind em'),
this car took abit of a beating. 

From empty petrol tanks, push starts, jump starts, flat tyres, the odd 
run in with a car park pole (or shopping trolley), one or two minor bingles, 
and countless issues with starter motors.

But it served it's purpose well, and saw me safely 
through my first few years on the road. 

What was your first car?

My Datsun Sunny! 
(Had to chop my head out. The early 90's were not 
kind to my hair...or sense of fashion so it would seem...)


  1. Holden Barina, red, 1989, manual...somehow the dats would have turned more heads!

  2. A Barina?! Gold. I still remember the Barina TV ad's from the 80's with the Road Runner. Beep Beep Barina : )

  3. My first car was a Holden Camira, cant remember the year, but 80's vintage. After getting my licence on my 18th bday we took off down the coast for the weekend. I managed to crash, or more specifically 'wedge' my passenger door onto a sign post in the Bells Beach carpark! After 'dewedging', my friend then rolled her car down a hill straight into mine. LOL! I drove around with that damage for years. I still remember the look on my mums face when i got home, priceless! x Pollos.

  4. Ahh Pollos, I remember the 'wedging' in the car park well!! I can still hear the metal scraping when you reversed back away from the pole LOL. Cool road trip though for your first weekend with wheels : )


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