Thursday, November 24, 2011

Retro Bike

I finally bought my very own retro bike off eBay!

Single gear/speed, Malvern Star with it's original bell, tyre pump, 
chain cover and plenty of surface rust to boot. But, I love it.

It still has it's original stickers in relatively good condition which is great.
 And judging by the style and colours of these stickers, I would say the
bike is from the 70's?

The thought of me having a bike, or indeed riding a bike has become
the source of much amusement to my friends and family.

'You? You bought a bike? Why?!'
was heard just earlier this week from a visiting pal, while
she stood gazing at my new treasure with great confusion.

I am not really one with the world of exercise (to put it mildly), but I figure a bike is the perfect way to ease myself into some form of exercise this summer.
This way I can ride my bike round to the milk bar to get a Snickers bar.

This same friend then gathered some excitement at the thought of us
going for a bike ride together soon, & suggested we head off to a cafe
in a bayside suburb several kilometres away!

'Steady on' came my hasty reply,
'let's just see if I can make it round the block first!'

So, my intentions are pure. 
May I enjoy cycling round the neighbourhood for many months to come.
If not, there is a high probability that this awesome bike will end up
as a great wall feature in our garage/bar area like this...


Or as a garden feature like this...


or this...


Happy Cycling!


  1. Roadstar is ACE!
    I scored Gertie (AKA turquoise la Belle, Malvern Star) from the man. She now has a new basket, planning on some white tyres and I raise your Snickers for a Sunny boy!
    Meet you @ the milk bar for a lazy Sunday ride or we can sit with our bikes on a park bench and watch the world go by :)

  2. LOL - sold! Your bike sounds great. New basket in place and new white tyres planned - very cool.
    Please post some pics when she is complete : )


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