Monday, February 13, 2012

Le Sausage

Le Sausage is bringing the tastiest gourmet sausages
to the good people of Melbourne, in the funkiest red food truck around!

The truck itself was originally owned by the NSW fire brigade, 
who had maintained it beautifully all it's life. It already had a kitchen inside, 
and was used by the fire brigade as a food truck - 
taken to fires to feed the firemen and women on site.

Given that the truck was already in such good condition when purchased, 
Le Sausage only had to make a few restorations to update the kitchen.

The fabulous Retro Pin Up artwork was created for Le Sausage 
by a close friend of the owners - she is a looker! 

 Le Sausage is available for functions, events, and parties etc.
For more information you can check out Le Sausage website here
or head over to their Facebook page here for schedules and info.


Le Sausage - Get your snag on.
All photos from Le Sausage Facebook page - thanks guys!

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