Sunday, February 19, 2012

PoP! Goes My Heart

In the film Music and Lyrics (2007), Hugh Grant plays Alex Fletcher, 
an 80's pop star 'has been' from a band called PoP!

The opening scene of the movie is the film clip to PoP!'s 
big 1984 hit 'PoP! Goes My Heart'.
The clip still makes me laugh, and the song sticks in my head for days.
Incidentally, Hugh Grant does his own singing throughout the entire movie.

"You are GOLD and SILVA HA HA!!"


  1. It is a catchy tune,we love this movie, so Wham meets Durran Duran.

  2. Yes! A perfect hybrid of the two. Yes, love Drew Barrymore.

  3. Hee hee, I love that bit of the movie too but thanks a lot for getting that song in my head! Lol. Sherry :)

  4. Ha! Yes, it sticks in there alright!! Along with a vision of Hugh doing the Tassie Two step.


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