Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1979 High School Yearbook

I love these pics from the 
Hewlett High School Yearbook 1979

All images from scarlatti2004


  1. I finished high school in 1966, and by 1979 I had several years of teaching high school English under my belt. Thanks for the great photos. The hairstyles and clothes brought back some great memories of my former students.

  2. Love having you on board Dana! These pics remind me of Degrassi High, loved that show! Great post!

  3. Thanks Dana and Pippa! Yes, I love the clothes, hairstyles and colours in these shots. They looked like good times at Hewlett High. x

  4. omg, it's my sister all over again! Loved the photos, clothes and poses! hee hee, we could all take some lessons on styling from these hip dudes!


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