Monday, March 19, 2012

Little River Band & Road Sign

 Little River Band formed in Melbourne in 1975.
It's said that they took there name from the Little River road sign 
when passing it on their way to a gig in Geelong, Victoria.

On a recent road trip to the surfcoast, my friend Jenny was under strict instructions to capture a pic of the Little River sign (I was driving so the photography fell to her). 
You could say she was under a bit of pressure to get the shot given 
that we were going 100kms p/hour along the Princes Freeway
and I'd made it clear I expected a good one!
But you did good Jen, you did good.

Here is one of my fave Little River Band songs - Lady.
My sister (another Jenny!) used to sing and play it beautifully on
 the guitar, with her friends harmonising. 
Not sure she could pluck a chook now - let alone pluck out this
great tune on the guitar (ha! love ya Jen), but she used to do LRB proud.

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