Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poll - Bewtiched vs I Dream of Jeanie

I could never decide which of these two shows I enjoyed watching more.

Both had animated opening credits with catchy theme tunes, &
beautiful leading ladies with supernatural talents causing chaos at every turn.
Samantha had to deal with her mother Endora, & evil cousin Serena from time to time, as did Jeanie with her evil twin sister - Jeanie ( I always loved her green outfit!) and the episodes she popped up in were my favourites.

Still, I can't decide. 
So, I throw the poll over to you.
Which was your favourite growing up?


  1. The nose wriggling got me every time and the fact that the mother called Darren, Durwood, what I called my brother Darren!

  2. Bewitched was my favourite but did love Jeanie too.

  3. I prefer the decor of Samantha and Darren's place to Tony and Jeanie's.
    Sam's lounge room is awesome. I like the clothes, hair and make-up in both shows too. Guess I'm voting Bewitched.


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