Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Post - Aussie Music

My brother David emailed me with some 
great Australian music suggestions for the blog.

Rather than palm them off as my own ideas, 
I decided to ask him to present them for you...

Rattling Sabres

Australian band Rattling Sabres wrote and recorded 'All Fired Up' in 1987.
Kerryn Tolhurst (from The Dingoes) wrote the song, with Robert Price on vocals.
The song was covered by Pat Benatar in 1988 and became a worldwide hit.
However in my opinion, the original is still the best and a favourite of mine.

The Dingoes

After reading that Kerryn Tolhurst wrote 'All Fired Up', 
I started clicking on a few of The Dingoes clips and 
found the original version of 'Way Out West' from 1973.

Another great song, featured in the recent movie 'Red Dog' 
and it's respective soundtrack.

A new album 'Out of the Shadows' by the Kerryn Tolhurst Band  
featuring Robert Price on vocals has just been released and is out now.

Hope you enjoy the above two tracks.


- David.

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  1. Cool! Didn't know about the band but do love the songs! Welcome to blogging David!

  2. Dave, you dance exactly the same as that guy singing All Fired Up!! I thought that song was a Pat Benetar original.

  3. great blog David, very interesting. All Fired Up was a great version!

  4. Apparently EMI didn't order enough copies of the Rattling Sabres record and couldn't keep up with demand once Pat's version was released. There was a long delay before the next batch of records came in, and by then, the hype was gone. Such a shame.

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