Monday, April 23, 2012

Melbourne in the 1970's

The Causeway 1976

Brilliant photographs of Melbourne's people, streets and locations 
in the 1970's by Photographer David Wadelton.

You can view more of David's wonderful photography at the

 Many thanks to David for allowing me to share his work here.


Fitzroy 1977

Flinders Street Station 1976

Myer Pen Department 1976

Clarendon Street, South Melbourne 1976

Chat n Chew Diner Melbourne 1977

Herald boys skylarking 1976

Flower Clock 1977

Swan Street, Richmond 1977

Luna Park St Kilda 1976

Park Street, North Fitzroy 1977


  1. I LOVE these photos.
    My husband was at boarding school in Melbourne around this time, I'm sending him a link to this post, he'll love them too.
    Can you email me your address Donna, I have a couple of kitschy Melb. things I'd like to send you.

  2. Your shout at the chat and chew!

  3. Love these photos. Wish I had a time machine lol. Life was full of discovery and great music.


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