Friday, June 29, 2012

Freaky Friday - Johnny Carroll & Friends

Dodgy, dodgy Dave.
Taste the wine and show me what exactly?!

Not just a man - he is the Pleasureman.
(And do I spy a mullet resting on those shoulders?!)

Here's to Freaky dudes on album covers, surprise mullets and a great weekend.
Happy Friday!

All pics found at Amazingly Awful Album Art


  1. What's not to love about these three? Johnny is so perfectly coiffed (Or should I say permanently? That is some seriously hairsprayed helmet head, with curls.) What can I say about David, except that you've got to love a guy who's learned to embrace the aging process. And contemplative. I admire a thinking man. Like you, however, I will pass on touching Johnny. LOL

    1. LOL ah Dana - you make me laugh. Gunther - a thinking man. Quietly wondering if his mullet lays in a perfect position. And poor Johnny, just wants someone to touch him - or maybe touch his heavily hairsprayed hair.xx

  2. Gunther has it going on! I'm weak at the knees :)

  3. The pleasure man! ha ha ha, still laughing. Makes me smile every time I log into your blog my friend. xx


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