Monday, September 10, 2012

1970's Australia

This is my second post featuring 1970's photography by David Wadelton of Northcote Hysterical Society. (Original post here).
Many thanks to David for allowing me to share more of his fantastic work.

Geelong 1977

Clifton Hill 1977

Sydney Ashes Test 1980

Sleeping outside St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne 1976

The old United Kingdom Hotel, Clifton Hill October 1977

Pebblecrete Bus Shelter, Collingwood 1979

Glamour Girl Salon November 1977

Princess Plaza view 1976

Near Bega N.S.W 1978

Empty Cafe Richmond 1978


  1. Great shots! Nothing captures a mood like black and white film.

    1. Hi Dana, Yes, I love Black and White shots too.x

  2. Beautiful photos.
    Is that girl with the mullet wearing moccas?
    Is the old United Kingdom Hotel now a Maccas?
    My favourite: empty cafe.
    Have a great week Donna x

    1. Hi Kylie, Yes, I loved the photo of the two girls for the, mullet, moccas and high waisted, rolled up jeans.
      Yes, you're right - the United Kingdom Hotel is now a Macca's. Sad isn't it?
      Hmm, I think my fave is the first shot of the car by the bay in Geelong, but I absolutely had to include the empty cafe shot too - there's something about it. Hope you have a great week too. x

  3. Correction Kylie! Midrif top, mullet and moccas'.......the empty cafe is my favourite too! Great selection, these photo posts are a very lose second to freaky Friday! xx.
    Owl says hi, wanna get with?

    1. Hi Pippa, The midrif top - an added bonus! Such a great shot of the two girls chillin' out watching some sport at the park. I'm excited about the owl : ).

  4. Love these pics,esp no.2. I spy Chrysler Valiant in no.6.


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