Wednesday, December 5, 2012

70's Retro Advertising

Groovy 70's ads ranging from the humble hair comb to Converse.
And as it 'Tis the Season - some of these ads are a little bit naughty, & some nice ; )
Thanks to Richard of rchappo2002 for allowing me to share some of his cool collection here.

(I have a soft spot for the good old Datsun as My First Car was a Datsun Sunny.)


  1. Great selection! The hair one is a classic! :)
    My first car was an 89 Holden Barina!

  2. Great ads, Donna! Where do you find them? I can't believe the racy stuff ad companies got away with back then, either. Oh my goodness. ;-)

    Your new header looks terrific, by the way.


  3. I don't know how I missed all the nudity in ads back then. Maybe I was off being nude somewhere myself. :) The dress in the "Park her anywhere" ad sure brought back memories the clothing of my hippie days, as did the Peter Max ad. I once painted Peter Max flowers on the French doors of an old garage apartment my husband and I lived in when we were barely 20.

  4. I was thinking the same as Heather, you'd never get away with those ads today, too polictically incorrect.I had a Datsun 180b I think it was.

  5. fabulous ad for hair. Love it. my first car was a brown 1978 corolla. Loved it.

  6. My first boyfriend (of driving age) drove an aqua blue Datsun Sunny. He called it (the car) Algernon! How pretentious is that! We sure had alot of fun in that car though. Ha-ha!


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