Friday, December 21, 2012

The Best of Freaky Friday

Well, here we are!
It's the last Freaky Friday for the year, and time to unveil the Top 12.
I had originally only planned for a Top 5, but really, who was I kidding?
I was never going to be content with five.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave comments.
I've compiled the list from these results and tried to list at least one of the Freaky Friday choices from those who dropped me a line.
The Top 12 will also have a link back to the original Freaky Friday post from which it came.

Let's do this!

 12. Petticoat Junction with poultry
This ones for Stacey

11. Jackie and Moe - getting high naturally

10. Green Satin Dream
 If you must wear a satin suit, make it a tight, green, shiny one.
This ones for Dana.

9. Mr. Dress Up
for Kylie...

Check those legs baby!

6. Jaci Rae - still trying to push that river.

He comes in peace - I think....

For my sister Jen...

3. Maddy Genets et son ensemble.
I still have so many questions unanswered with this one.

2. John Kincade
For Rebecca and Simmone.
I found a bonus album cover for you and even a video clip of John in action.

(Such magical percussion with the Claves)

So here we are at the number one spot!

And the number 1 is...

For Pippa

A man of mystery. 
A man who wears grey, roller skates and prefers his tops tucked into his pants.

Did he roller skate to the shoot? or just lace up when he got there?
Perhaps we'll never know.

Hope you have enjoyed looking back at a few Freaky Friday favourites.

Many thanks again to all who joined in.
If I missed your fave this time round, please let me know
and I'll make sure it's included in the next Best Of!
(It's been great fun compiling this list and looking back on these old favourites,
so I don't think it'll be the last)

Happy Friday!

All of the above images were sourced from Awkward Family Photos AFP 
and Amazingly Awful Album Art AAAA


  1. Dreamy ... chickens. Star Trek ... yikes! Those hairy legs! Lucky it's morning because I'm going to need all day to erase those images from my mind before bedtime!

    It's not Friday unless it's freaky.

    1. Hi Carmel! I know you fancied The Man in Grey when I first presented him, so I hope you are happy with the number 1 spot! Have a great Christmas break with your family. xx

  2. Oh. I have comments. Do I have comments. Thank you very much for re-posting Mr. Kincade. And I do love the bonus content. I watched the video for like a minute. But now. Am. Crying. Did you see his big monster shoes? Did you see how far he has his shirt unbuttoned? And the weirdo country like cool accent? Or how about the groovy action with the stick thingys? Is he writing his own song material. Where do you find this stuff? Merry Christmas to me.

    1. LOL ahhhh Rebecca. John is my Christmas gift to you.
      I'm so glad you enjoyed the bonus content.
      Yes, he weaves magic music from his rhythm sticks rather like Merlin.
      The shirt unbuttoned or the shoes did not go unnoticed at my end either. Or the look of complete and utter boredom from the teenagers in the audience.xx

  3. Ha ha,what a round up, how did I miss the hairy legged "lady"? Aw poor John Kincade, back in the day before dental miracles. Well deserved no 1,forgot about him.

    1. Hi Simmone, so glad you are happy with the number one and John Kincade revisited. And Saveta too with her unbelievably thick shin hair! x

  4. Man in made my day! But John is the stuff of my dreams! :)

  5. All of these were funny the first time around, but lumped together, they were almost ridiculously funny. I'm so glad my little guy in green made the cut, because I love the little leprechaun. And I also loved the juxtaposition of Sareta with the Kelly Family. She had almost as much hair on her legs as the entire Kelly clan had on their heads. I had forgotten how big Jaci Rae's boobs were...and how incredibly bad her camel toe was. Oh, my. I still haven't figured out what that guy is doing to Granny, and I had forgotten how creepy the Genets were. Poor John Kincaid's teeth were more unfortunate than I realized, and the man in gray made me laugh harder this time around. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better Best Of!!!

    1. LOL, thanks Dana! Your little man in green had to make the cut as I knew you had a soft spot for him. I remember killing myself ,laughing when you mentioned his 'tiny hands' last time round - you are hilarious. x

  6. There are a few of my faves in here Donna, oh what the hell, I love 'em all! Thanks for re-posting the gorgeous Saveta, you've reminded me to book an appointment (of the waxing kind) before Christmas! Seriously, I could give her a run for her money at the mo!
    If this is your last post for the year, I'm so glad I found your blog. It's terrific. One day soon (ish) I am going to have a coffee or a glass or two, with you and the Pipstar - I'm determined. Have a lovely Christmas Donna. Catch ya in the new year x

    1. Hi Kylie, book your wax in immediately! LOL
      What I wouldn't give to take a tub of wax to Saveta's leg.(it'd have to be an industrial size tub of wax).
      One more post coming for the year. Thanks for your kind words Kylie. You and all the lovely folk who have commented above, make blogging great. Would love to meet you in the 'flesh'- looking forward to it one day. Merry Christmas to you and your family too Kylie. Catch you on the flip side. x

  7. Freaky Friday is fantastic! Thanks for the giggle, you wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it.

    1. Hi Hello Vintage! Hope u enjoyed the Top 12. Merry Christmas! Hope u have a great holiday break.x

  8. My birds made it! Lordy lordy, what were they thinking. I love the man in the green suit, just can't go past him. I've enjoyed my Friday laughs Donna, you make my week every time. We must organise to go to Eeny Meeny soon with Pippa! See you soon when you next get your Freak On!

    1. Hi Stace! Yep, your freaky Petticoat Junction girls were first cab off the rank. Def time to organise a catch up with Pippa - it's on my new years to do list. xx

  9. These are all just so unsettling...

    1. Hi Hannah! Yes LOL - designed to make you squirm. Hope you are well.xx


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