Monday, December 10, 2012

What are you doing New Years Eve?


 It's not really a Christmas song - but a song about the holiday season all the same.
What are you doing New Years Eve? was released by Nancy Wilson on her 1963 album
Yesterdays Love Songs/Today's Blues.

I first heard the song on an Andy Williams Christmas Album
(some love Bing at Christmas, Frank or Dean - but for me, it's gotta be Andy).

But rather than show the original clip (sorry Nancy) here is a great version by friends
Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) & Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception)
covering Nancy Wilson's original. 

Hope you enjoy!

Ukulele looks like fun.
Reckon I might give it a crack one day.


  1. I do like a bit of Bing! How rude am I, forgot to thank you for the favorites,I did notice. I always leave here thinking I've forgotten something, must be all those freaky photos sooo distracting. Hubby thinks the uke is fun, love Zooey in "The New Guy". Are they the he/she?, him/her? pair? Both playing lefty as well.

    1. Hi Simmone! So Bing is your choice for Christmas tunes - very nice. As far as I know these two are just friends. I hadn't noticed they were both lefty's! Interesting. I loved him in The Dark Knight Rises. Your Flickr pics are always so great - I love to browse through them.x

  2. That was such a cute video. I read an interview with JGL, and he said the idea of their being a couple was I guess they really are just friends.

    1. I adored him in the Dark Knight Rises. It was an action role which I hadn't see him do before and he was quite bulked up for it. Was great!

  3. she's so very sweet! I love her in New Girl!

    1. I love her too - New Girl is great. I love Schmidt and his hair


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