Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Freestyle Frisbee - Ken Westerfield

Note: Had some technical difficulties with the original Freestyle Frisbee post.
It was one of my current faves, so I'm very happy to now re post it and share it again
Huge thanks to Ken for his patience and assistance against the dark side of the Internet. 
Freestyle Frisbee: Take 2.
- Donna

Ken Westerfield is a pioneering Frisbee player from the 60's and 70's.

Westerfield won numerous competitive events, held several records and created freestyle
techniques and competitive formats that still exist today.
(Pairs Freestyle Frisbee, 1974 Canadian Open, Toronto, Canada).

You can read more about Ken's pioneering contributions to Frisbee Sports here,
and view more of Ken's 1970's photographs on Flickr here.

Many thanks to Ken for allowing me to share some of his fantastic photographs from the 1970's!

Kits Beach, Vancouver 1976

DeLaveaga Park, Santa Cruz 1977

Freestyle Heel Kick 1977

Disc Golf 1976

Distance Side Arm Throw 1977

Ken Westerfield with Lady in Santa Cruz 1977

I also found this great short clip from the late 1970's narrated by Barbara Feldon
(Agent 99 - Get Smart), showcasing the talent and rise of Frisbee as a sport.

And a more recent (2009) short clip of two guys playing Freestyle Frisbee on the streets of Paris.
These guys are awesome!


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    1. Yes, such a shame I had to delete the original post with the comments from readers etc. But, t'was better to be safe than sorry. Thanks for popping by here again. : )


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