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retrospect with Jason from

From left back: Darth Tom, The Roman, Operative X & Front: NosajMunson (Jason)

Abit of a step out of the realm with something different today! 

When I had been blogging for about six months,
Hung Up On Retro got a shout out from a site called
This was (still is) a massive deal for me. It was so great to know that someone (other than my mum) in the Internet universe had not only stopped by my blog, but thought it was OK enough to give
it a nod! Huge!

So who are are based in Colorado USA , run by Jason (Nosajmunson) and the crew
consisting of The Roman, Operative X, Agent OlmTreeHomeSted & Darth Tom.
(Hey man, if you can't have an alias online, where can you have one?)

The guys love Star Wars, all things Sci Fi and update their sites almost daily with Internet funnies, music clips, movie stuff and anything from the world wide web that they dig.
Something I also like about their site and Facebook page is in amongst the funnies, humour,
language etc. they'll post a pic or a story about something they are passionate about.
To quote part of their 'About' info on their Tumblr page -
"..we want to see the world become a better place for everyone"
and well, that spells good people to me.

So, I had an idea of asking Jason a few questions as part of a retro flashback -
or 'retrospect' if you will, to which Jason kindly agreed, so here we go!

  1) First (or one of the first) films you remember seeing at the movies as a kid?
Rocky II at a Drive in Theater

2) Favourite TV Show growing up?
This is a tough one...I really liked Buck Rogers with Gil Gerard.
3) Flashback to your bedroom at 13 - what posters were on your wall?
Hmmm...I had quite a few, but my favorite was a Bauhaus "Bella Lugosi's Dead" Poster.
4) First Cassette tape, Record or CD you bought with your own cash?
Duran Duran's "Arena" on cassette tape, it was 1985 I believe and I bought it at a K-Mart.
    First Vinyl I ever had was for Star Wars Return of the Jedi, not the music, but the story album featuring dialogue from the movie. I still have it today 30 years later.

5) First car you owned?
A 1986 Dodge Colt Vista Station Wagon. It was already old when we bought it used.

6) Name a few bands/songs that we would find on one of your mix tapes circa 1990? 
In 1990, I was still on a big Depeche Mode kick. Would certainly had "Never Let Me Down" again on there. And probably "Halo" off of Violator. That was also the year I discovered "Industrial" music. Nitzer Ebb's "Getting Closer" was a staple of my mix tapes as was Ministry's third studio album. 
And, I admit it, I was still listening to Prince's Batman Soundtrack at least once a week back then. 
Batdance was on almost all my mix tapes that year.

7) Superman or Batman?
As I kid, I thought of Batman as Adam West. And even as I kid I thought his Batman was really cheesy.  Plus, I just loved Superman 2. But after a while, Superman just got old because he was such a goodie-goodie. In 1989, I read Batman "Death in the Family" and it blew me away. That's also the moment for me when comics got real. From that point on, I was a Batman fan. 

8) The Munsters or The Addams Family?
As a kid, The  Munsters. I was in my teens before I learned 
to appreciate the subtle and subversive humor of Morticia and Gomez.

9) Final scene of STAR WARS VI Return of the Jedi - Young or Old Anakin Jedi Spirit?
Please, Old Anakin. Young Anakin at the end of Jedi is Heresy. 
As are 95% of the changes that have been made and remade over the years.

Image via

Jason's retrospect round up...

 Huge thank you to Jason for his generosity and kindness, and for taking
the time to answer these questions. It's been a blast!

I leave you with some photo samples of some of the offerings over at
You can also catch them on Facebook here and their Tumblr here.


  1. Donna this is awesome!!!! Thanks for the mini-interview. One of my first big eBay scores was some mini Star Wars figures I had gotten when I worked in a movie theater during the release of the second Star Wars. Second as in Number 2, not number 2. It is all so confusing. Anyway. Empire Strikes Back in 1980. Had to go look it up. Posted these 4 little 3" or 4" figures on eBay as a group. The auction went crazy ... up up up with many bizarre questions. Is Luke's saber retractable, etc. Finally I reached out to one of the geeks and asked him what I had. He said I had "listed it all wrong" but it was the first Luke Skywalker action figure ever made. I got like $400 for stuff that I had told my dad to give to Goodwill. Luckily my father made me come examine it before he threw it out.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I hear ya - number 2 film, really being number 5 in the series etc.
      You can't beat the original trilogy. Although I was incredibly excited to hear that Disney had bought the rights and are planning on making ep 7, 8 & 9.
      Sounds like you were selling a slice of Star Wars gold there on eBay!! The first Luke Skywalker action figure ever made?! How cool. Glad your father came to check it out before it went to Goodwill!!

  2. I miss the rains down in Africa.... classic!

    1. I love that one too Jen. Pure gold. : )


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