Friday, June 27, 2014

Freaky Friday - 'Stache-tastic Vintage ads

 Frisbee anyone?

Ginnie's dream date looks like he's been puffing the magic dragon all afternoon.
Great 'stache though.

Burt Reynolds wannabe keeps warm in his man rug and mesh.
Item 604's so shiny.

Kickin' Jeans dude is the Man!
Judo Chop!

(ps You can buy these Kickin' Jeans stickers and tshirts by
Bradley John Holland on Redbubble here. Love it. Want one.)

"The mystique of mink where it matters most".

Happy Friday!!

Images via happali & other fun places 
online where retro men with moustaches hang out.


  1. Is mink jock guy the same as man rug mesh guy and Ginnie's dream date guy??? I want a pair of kicking jeans....lace up fly! And an afro! Oooh! Can't even comment on Frisbee dude. Have visually locked it from my memory!

    1. Lace up fly - LMAO - mega cool. All helps towards the 'no binding of the leg' factor. Frisbee dude is like a Frisbee Gladiator God. Ginnie sure can pick em'!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out just what Frisbee dude was wearing...and why. The Mink Jock and Kickin' Jeans are self-explanatory...because who doesn't go around kicking people all the time, and what guy doesn't want a big minky muff? (Did I really just say that???)

    The underwear ads are the ones that really did me in. That dark haired guy is frighteningly hairy...not to mention the fact that he looks kinda sweaty in some of the shots, which isn't pretty at all.

    1. Big minky muff - LOL, absolute gold Dana. Burt Reynolds looka likey is disturbingly hairy. He does look abit sweaty now that u mention it!! Foul. I want a tshirt with frisbee dude on it. Perhaps he belongs to a travelling frisbee troupe?

    2. I'm laughing at what Dana said! Bah!

  3. Oh Donna....seriously. Lanny's jacket! Item 604 is oh so shiny. Kickin' Jeans, I want the t-shirt too. Mink jock...I am just not sure about that. This post is solid gold my friend x

    1. Hi Jane, $49.95 for the mink jock! Bit steep I reckon. Can't imagine he'd have it on for long. Have a great weekend.xx


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