Friday, September 12, 2014

Freaky Friday - The Sounds of Europe Part 2

Clip on your bumbag (or fanny pack for my USA friends), it's the second leg of our European Tour!

 Teddy 'G' - kinda like Kenny G...only with an accordion & mother issues to boot.

When party people want to get a party started, they call "The Ham".

Eeek! The cats face mirrored my own when I saw this cover.
So many kitty jokes, so little time.

Is that a parasitic twin growing out of Oliver's shoulder, or a girl?

It's like Lassie met the local Carnies on a country road and a band was formed.

Drinks on me at the airport bar before we head home.

Happy Friday!!

Images via & rateyourmusic


  1. Teddy G IS his mother he just puts on a head scarf. Just like "Psycho". The Ham looks like a KGB baddie from "the Professionals" and Maysa is a hypnotist so don't look into the eyes for more than 3 seconds or you're a goner.

    1. Lol - just like Psycho. I like it.
      The Ham looks like the king of Dudsville. I've seen happier men having a root canal.
      And Maysa - agreed. Creepy look about her. She'd make a good Bond villain!! Have a great weekend Julianne.xx

  2. Now I know what's been missing from my wardrobe...a babushka like Teddy G's mother is wearing. Think I could pull off that look?

    1. You could definitely pull it off Dana, along with the electric blue cardigan. You could probably hang with the Carnival folk in that get up too. Have a great weekend! Xx

  3. Crikey Donna...get me to the airport bar! I love the country and farm animals (as you know) but those Carnies look weird, especially pale blue jumper man x

    1. Lol Jane. The carnie on the white shetland pony looks utterly ridiculous - hands on hips like Batman! Hope your weekend has been a good one. : ) xx


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