Friday, October 31, 2014

Freaky Friday - Halloween 2014

Bringing some creep to the freak.

One creepy vintage doll clearly isn't enough.

I'm not coping with this one.

Something about this photo gives me chills.
It's like Carrie & Crystal Gayle meets The Conjuring.

I mean, come on!! Who makes this stuff?

I had to Google Edward Mordrake after seeing this.

Happy Halloween Friday!!


  1. OMG...this is the creepiest assortment of photos I've ever seen in my life. The clown in the window was bad, and then that old lady doll thing...but the two faces was over the top. Wow!

    1. Hi Dana! The two faces tipped me over the edge too. I found it late at night last week on a super creepy Pinterest board. There was some really weird and spooky ghost stories on there. I had to watch a Doris Day biography on the Bio channel after to pull myself together! Hope you are well and had a great Halloween weekend! xx : )

  2. Certainly freaky today Donna! Happy Friday :)

    1. Howdy Jane!! I like the super freak weeks.
      Hope you are well. End of the year is rolling in very quickly - eeek!!
      Take it easy, : ) xx

  3. Thanks for the nightmares! 💀 Off to google Edward Mordrake!

    1. Hi there Autumn! Lol - poor Edward. I read whilst Googling that the TV show American Horror Story: Freak Show is going to be featuring Edward Mordrake in a few episodes. Not sure if I'll cope seeing his little face whispering things to him at night - the photo alone is bad enough!!! : ) xx


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