Friday, October 17, 2014

Freaky Friday - The Tim, Tiny Tim

Some Friday's, nothing less than a Blue Sequin Suit, silver ukulele and gold boots will do.

I can relate to this picture.
I'm a ukulele player (a learner - it was a new years resolution to learn an instrument) and I
have had many a hairstyle similar to Tim's over the years thanks to some unfortunate perms.
Never owned gold cowboy boots though - something I hope to rectify.

So here's to Tiny Tim! We shall dub him the Earl of Freaky Friday 
(the King of Freaky Friday is still The Man in Grey...naturally).

Happy Friday!
May you tiptoe through it.


  1. I was just out of high school when the Tiny Tim craze hit. I still think that was one of the freakiest things to happen in entertainment. Out of curiosity, I just looked at, and that's one of the strangest websites I think I've ever seen. There are tons of pictures of his daughter and her kids. His fans are obsessed. Creeeeeeeeeeepy.

    1. Hi Dana! I'll have to check out for sure! : ) xx

  2. Ooh I always LOVED Tiny Tim when I was a kid. And I play the uke too! I even have a silver one. But alas - no sequin suit or gold boots!

    1. Hi Julianne, We need to get onto the sequin suit and gold boots asap!! : ) xx


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