Friday, November 21, 2014

Freaky Friday - Men of song right, yet so wrong...

 John Waters - King of the coy smoulder and ridiculously thin moustache.
(I think he is about 12 months off joining the comb over club. Or is he already there??)

 Channeling Zorro and Batman in equal measures.

 Brad's promise to you. He's your man.

 Impressive belt and chain effect, but it's all abit low energy Baris!
Got somewhere else to be buddy?

 Can't possibly imagine why you'd be lonely Christian...

Happy Friday!


  1. What a stunning collection of smouldering men of song. The chest full of metal on Baris is a little frightening, but other than that he looks nice enough.
    My favorite is Ramma Damma Hot Dog! Dude looks like all kinds of fun :)
    Happy Weekend Donna!

    1. Lol - I think Ramma Damma Hot Dog would be all kinds of fun too. At least he's giving it a go - unlike Baris who looks like he'd have the personality of a wet mop. Havr a great weekend Autumn ! Xx : )

  2. John is going to have to come out of the fetal position before he gets much date action, I think. Brad's album cover looks more like an ad for an insurance agency, and the photographer really should have told Christian to pull up his sock. As for the rejects from KISS auditions...all I can do is shake my head.

    1. John looks like such a sleaze ball - so slimey! Lol - poor Christian and his sock. No one needs to see his pasty white calf!! Absolute classic Dana. You always spot the hidden gems that I have overlooked. Have a great weekend Dana. Xx : )

  3. Rammadamma Hotdog...what drugs are these dudes on!? I agree with Dana, Brad looks like a dodgy insurance salesman. You have done it again Donna, you find the gold x

    1. Hi Jane! Ramma Damma Hot Dog - absolute shocker. I agree that Brad looks super dodgy - like he has a secret and he's not going to tell. Here's to a good week ahead Jane! : ) xx


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