Monday, September 26, 2011

Featherston Mitzi Aristoc chairs

 I am very excited about recently acquiring these four 
Featherston "Mitzi" aristoc dining chairs for a great price.

They are in relatively good condition, so I'll probably just touch up the legs.
I'm going to pair them with a round dining table as we don't have alot of room to play with in our dining area. 

As far as what dining table to pair them with, I'm still undecided as to 
whether to go for a white laminate table such as this...

Or a hardwood timber table...
(which is also extendable & therefore super handy)

 Thoughts? Anyone?
Bueller...? Bueller...?


  1. I LOVE the chairs! I also love the wooden table but I think the white one would suit better, with the black chair legs and all.....good work lady xo

  2. Great find, good condition, nice one!

  3. Thanks folks! I have my eye on a white table on eBay - and it shall be MINE!!!! xx


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