Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Royal Melbourne Show

I remember mum taking me to the show when I was a kid.
I can still recall that horrid stench walking through the animal pavillions. 
Long, dusty halls full of show cows, sheep, horses etc. I could not have been less interested. Those who know me know I'm not much of an animal person. Perhaps that's where it stems from!! Not even the baby animal nursery could bring me round.

The show bag hall was great though! (Long before you had to take out a small loan to fund your purchases for 1 or more children).
And so were some of the rides. Who could forget that urban myth about the carriage of the Mad Mouse shooting off the end of the track from high above into the crowd below?!

I am yet to take my own children to the show like my own lovely mother did (she is a far better and patient woman than me!). 
I can barely keep track of my kids in a normal park let alone the show!
Bad mother? Fun sponge?
Yes, probably both.
But I don't care. We'll stick with the little local fetes and markets for the time being. Where I'm sure the fairy floss tastes just as sweet.

The big pie!!

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