Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Roller Skating Rinks and Signs

Love these old Roller Skating Rinks and Signs!
Some of these rinks are still going strong, 
and for others, the sign is all that remains.


  1. They are all amazing. I think my favourite is Skateland, but it's hard to choose just one.
    I love old signage, have you read Characters by Steven Banham? It's all about the wonderful old signage in Melbourne and definetely worth getting hold of if you can.

    1. I'm wanting to read that book as well! I spent my skating days at the noble park skate world, fun times. Xx

  2. ooooh, the book sounds brilliant! Will see if I can get my hands on a copy. Thanks Kylie & Pippa!

  3. I LOVED!! roller skating as a teen,still have my skates and they fit. I went three times a week at the peak of passion. Love that first pic with the wings.I guess liability insurance costs have closed so many down,such a shame.

  4. Hi Simmone! Three times a week at the rink - awesome! Lots of my skating was done in the garage to the Xanadu cassette tape. How great that you still have your skates. White boots with red wheels?


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