Friday, May 25, 2012

Freaky Friday - It's all about the Hair

When it comes to Retro Album Covers, it's all about the hair....

Triple the hairpiece fun.
 And what mighty hair pieces they are!

Sometimes I feel it's best not to speak.

Check the Legs!

Happy Friday all!
Here's to a great weekend.

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  1. A very Hairy post Donna! Better heat up the wax!
    Are they lady men or man ladies?

  2. LOL - the jury's still out on the last two covers.

  3. I've dated men who had less hair on their legs than Saveta. She would have benefited from tighter cropping of that photo...LOL

  4. LMAO Dana - yes, it's quite a winter coat isn't it? Tighter cropping definitely required.

  5. Yes, all looks well with Saveta till you scan down a little further!!


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