Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Telephone Booths & Song Quiz

The public telephone or pay phone - slowly fading away from existence.

Whilst looking through these photographs of pay phones, I thought about how many songs from the 70's and 80's reference the telephone in their lyrics.
So I decided to put the two together!

I have 10 photos of the humble telephone (mostly pay phones) & added song lyric lines.
Each photo has a telephone line reference from a different song.

Can you name the song title and artist just by a line or two?
Some are desperately easy and obvious, and others - maybe not so much.
See how many you can get right! (no Googling!)

Answers and links to the song clips at the bottom.

How'd you go?

Here are the answers...

1. No More Lonely Nights - Paul McCartney 2. (Billy) Don't lose my number - Phil Collins
3. Alone - Heart 4. Hold the line - Toto 5. How will I know - Whitney Houston
6. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jnr  7. Missing you - John Waite 
8. Hangin' on the telephone - Blondie 9. Call me - Go West 10. Part time lover - Stevie Wonder

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  1. Great post! I did pretty well with the titles...not so well remembering the artists, but I guess that's not surprising, since I was a child of the 60s.

    1. Well done Dana to get the titles! Can be hard off only a line or two. It was surprising how many songs reference to the telephone once I started really looking into it. A tonne of really old songs, plus quite a few new ones - Lady Gaga, Beyonce etc. Was good fun though - think I may do more quizzes. Unleash the frustrated game show host within? xx

  2. This was great. I got 6/10. Couldn't remember the last four.

    1. Thanks Jen - I was wondering how many you'd get! 6/10 is very good!x

  3. I got 3. Missing you is one of my faves. Great pics. You are a clever chick.

    1. Three is not bad! I love 'Missing You' too - great song. Still gets alot of airplay on radio too.xx

  4. Love it! I got the Phil Collins and Ghostbusters. I need to brush up though! :)


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