Monday, August 27, 2012

Big M - TV Ads

Image by Scott Newett Photography for Big M.

Big M flavoured milk was established in Melton, Victoria 1978.
The brand has gained popularity through the years with television ad campaigns,
with some of the ads featuring music by great Australian bands.

Here's a look back at some of the more popular Big M Ad's...

Late 70's 
Song - 70's Big M jingle
I love the design of the old cartons. I think they should bring them back!

The 80's
Song - Friday on my Mind by The Easy Beats
(You may need to turn audio up abit. Sound is not great on this clip.)

The 90's
Song - When the River Runs Dry by Hunters and Collectors

Song - Picture Frames by Georgia Fair
One of the newer ads for Big M that has a great old school vibe.

Many thanks to Scott Newett for allowing me to share his work for the opening pic.


  1. I love the 70's carton too.
    My husband grew up drinking this stuff, being a Perth girl I had never heard of it until I met him. According to him the comparable choc milky drink available here just didn't cut it. I'm not a connoisseur so I'm not sure if he's right about that...He does reckon though, that the Big M of his childhood was much better than the Big M of today...

    1. Yep - the 70's carton was much better. Interesting about the old vs new taste.x

  2. Mmmmmm Big M, hotdog and a jam donut! Once a week tuck shop lunch choice! :)

    1. Ahhh the tuck shop lunch. Twisties in a bread roll.x

  3. and grape bubble-yum to finish off.

    1. Grape is by far THE BEST flavour. Gotta be Hubba Bubba though. Softer and you get bigger bubbles.

  4. Everything old is new again! Love the slow-mo 90's clip and the song of course.


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