Friday, August 10, 2012

STAR WARS Week - Freaky Friday Fun

There isn't too much freakiness going on this week.
Just a bunch of STAR WARS pics featuring all kinds of miscellaneous STAR WARS fun, and some stellar homemade STAR WARS costumes - and homemade costumes are the best!

X-Wing Fighter Beard. Creepy cool.

I love Jabba the Hutt in the garbage bag, and the R2D2 bin.

Happy Friday!


  1. My fave is the family second from bottom. They look like my kind of costumes. Especially the R2D2 bin.

    1. Thanks Kylie. I love that one too! Jabba has the face/mouth/tongue action exactly like the Hutt himself when he was getting chocked by Leia.xx

  2. Thanks for the giggle, they are a classic! Xx

  3. Ha,great costumes,so dedicated.Love the little Yoda.


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