Friday, November 29, 2013

Freaky Friday - Sister to Sister

A rinse, set and a song with the Clark Sisters.
Feel the beat.

 You be Bluegrass, I'll be Country.

 Somethings missing here - eyebrows?

Coralie finally said - "Jackie, where are we?"

The Polly Sisters - still looking for the other 98 Luft Ballons.

Happy Friday!

Images via Rate Your Music


  1. I must say that the beauty shop girls look happier about their album than the other girls do. And let's hear it for the Newman sisters and their homemade frocks. (My last name used to be Newman in another married life, so I'm partial to them.)

    1. Hi Dana! Yes, bless the Newmans and their homemade frocks. Clark sisters look like they are selling Avon as well as their album. Have a great weekend. : )

  2. That's us blog sister! Got the curlers in my hair now! xx

  3. You forgot Sister Sledge and the Pointer Sisters lol, or maybe they were just too cool for this selection :-)

    1. Hi Jen! Ha - yes, I think it would be unfair to throw Sister Sledge and the Pointer Sisters in with this lot. Have a great week. : )


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