Monday, December 2, 2013

Top 5 Retro Tunes for Singing in the Car

Image - Pay No Mind

There is nothing better than one of your favourite tunes coming on in the car when you are on your own. Not just a song you like, or tap along with, I'm talking your favourite songs for singing along to.

These are the kind of songs you unleash to and the car becomes your very own Karaoke Carriage.
Lyrics that aren't known are made up or hummed over as you sing along, and it's just you,
the tune and the open road.

These are my current Top 5.
The Top 4 have been staples for years, but number 5 varies depending on what I'm into at the time. Thankfully, all five of these songs get frequent airplay on my fave radio station.

(Links to the video clip on the song title)

Number 5: Fading like a Flower - Roxette
(this recently bumped Rain by Dragon out of the Top 5 as I am big into Roxette at present.)
 Fading like a Flower starts slow then kicks in and I love the key change toward the end of the song. I do like a key change.

Number 4: Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn
A classic. "Put on my blue suede shoes, and I boarded the plane,
touched down in the land of the Delta Blues, in the middle of the pouring rain..."

Number 3: Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson
There are quite a few lyrics in this song are make up as I roll - but I do Michael's signature
"Ooh!" like no ones business.

Number 2: Power of Love - Huey Lewis and the News
Love it!! How can you hear this song and not think of Marty and Doc?

Number 1: Flame Trees - Cold Chisel
 An Aussie classic, and in my opinion, a truly great song.

What are your Top 5 Retro Tunes for singing in the car?
And do you turn the song down when you pull up to a red light, or do you keep belting it out?


  1. Oh my, they showet the whole Back to the future trilogy on the telly this weekend!!! I thought I needed to introduce my boys to classics like those, but was kind of expecting them to find them rather lame... But guess what- they loved them!!! We had so much fun, what an awesome 80s flashback:-) Love every song on your list!!

    1. Thanks Tove! So glad your boys liked the Back to the Future trilogy. My boys like the first film. I haven't ventured into the sequels yet - might do that over the Christmas holidays. : )

  2. Great list Donna, my kind of tunes. One more favourite of mine...We Built This City on Rock and Roll by Starship, I totally dig the old school film clip too. You Tube it, I don't think you will be disappointed :)

    1. Hi Jane! Of course - We Built This City is golden. A great one for belting out in the car. You were not wrong about the music video - just watched it. Big hair, big jackets, bit of the old 80's side to side dance move and lots of close ups - fantastic!
      I like abit of Starship - Sara, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now...

  3. My top five are
    5. Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn (I love it too!)
    4. Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks
    3. Blue on Black by Kenny Wayne Shepherd
    2. Layla by Eric Clapton
    1. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

    1. Cracking top 5 Dana!! My sister will be happy with the inclusion of abit of Stevie with Edge of Seventeen. I really like Layla too - the Unplugged version gets alot of airplay here.

  4. Come on girls? How about '
    'Black Velvet' Alanah Myles
    'End of the line' Traveling Wilburys'
    'Roxanne' The Police
    'Blister in the Sun' Violent Femmes
    'Teardrops' Womack & Womack


    1. Bit of Womack & Womack eh Pippa? I like it.
      I really like Black Velvet. Also like another one Alanah Myles did back in the day 'Love Is'. Great Top 5. I would road trip with you any day. : )


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