Friday, December 6, 2013

Freaky Friday - Straight Talkers

 Er, alrighty then...

Take your cheating outta town - preferably over state borders.

 Every now and then we get the chance to see the back of one of these albums.
Ricky's makes the wait worthwhile. Look at that curvature!

Back atcha buddy, right back atcha.

So we've heard Bobbi.

Dude, she's already made the bed and taken off. It's over.

Interesting album title.
Check out that Skullet! I'd shine the top and brush the back for him.

Happy Friday!

Images via Rate your music and Bizarre Records


  1. Who makes up these things? I mean, really! Somebody needs to tell the last dude to get a haircut. It's getting so heavy in the back that it's sliding right off his skull.

    1. LOL - ah Dana, I love your comments. It does look like it's sliding right of his skull!
      I don't mind a dude with a bald head - just not one with a luscious, thick mullet hanging off the back. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hello Donna...straight talkers, this is hilarious! Ricky and his curves, wow. I always do like a man in a pink shirt. As for Conway, look at that ornate bed! I see the want to in your eyes..heavy stuff isn't it? I am not too sure about the take-off-your-clothes man, he is a bit freaky. More gold, I hope you are having a good weekend!

    1. Thanks Jane! Lol - I think Conways radar for reading signals is all off!! 'I see the want to in your eyes'?? What kind of a song title is that? And poor Ricky has to put up with a cheatin' woman. No wonder he spends so much time on his hair to make himself feel better. x

  3. So funny. I screamed at the last one. Crikey.

    1. Once I've brushed the back of the skullet, you can braid it.


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