Friday, August 8, 2014

Freaky Friday - The Comb Over Special

 (Found this meme online and new instantly it had to be my opening pic)

Here we are! The Comb Over special.

Kylie of Lucy Violet Vintage recently requested a Comb Over special.

I hope my findings both delight and fright in equal measures.

 The Comb Over in it's natural, retro form.

 The Why Bother? 
I mean, really...

 The Wrap. 
And this photo marks our official arrival in Freaksville.

 The Filth.
I have no words.

 The Fast Forward - why be dull?
Roger runs his own Comb Over race.

 Wind- The Comb Overs natural enemy.

 The Paste.

The Pretzel.
Not for the Rookie Comb Overist.

The Scary, Bad, Uncle, Cousin, Brother Comb Over.

I want this printed on a t shirt.

Happy Friday!!
I will be showering and washing my hair several times today.


  1. These are all so freakishly hideous that I'm having a hard time picking a favorite. The first photo looks like the bald man's answer to spikey hair...the Horizontal Spike, if you will. The Retro Comb Over looks like a guy I used to teach with. Seriously. The Why Bother and the Pretzel literally made me laugh out loud, while the Wrap and the Filth made me throw up a little in my mouth. The Fast Forward made me wonder if any of these guys think they have anyone fooled.

    1. Hi Dana! Yes, the Mr Conservative Comb Over definitely has that professor/teacher look. Reminds me of the Vice Principle at my old High School. The Filth is definitely wretching material. Makes me feel unclean just looking at it! Revolting.
      The uncle cousin brother dude makes me nervous with his scary hair and scary eyes.
      Who would you nominate for the calendar from this motley crew?
      Have a great weekend. x

    2. Donna, for some reason, The Wrap fascinates me. That guy is freaking freaky to me. However, you couldn't go wrong with the first guy. He's perfected the crazy-eye technique, for sure.

    3. The first dude has it all going on. The eyes, hair, little lip pout. The Wrap Man is in a league of his own. I've never seen anything quite like it. Probably never will again either!!

  2.'s not just a river in Egypt you know. Isn't it amazing how it creates instant creep factor??? Loving the pretzel.

    1. Definitely instant creep factor Julianne!! The Pretzel is pretty special. He'd been working on that puppy all morning. Have a great weekend.x

  3. So creepy Donna, the Fast Forward is hilarious!

    1. Hi Jane! I'd love the see the Fast Forward on a high winds day.
      Have a great weekend.x

  4. Replies
    1. Hi there Vicky! Yes ma'am. Some real nasty business going on here. Have a good one.x

  5. Comb over porn at its very best!
    You haven't let me down Donna and I um, er, appreciate(?) it.
    In saying that though, I wouldn't really want any of these fellas to "comb over" to my place...even the spunky one in your opening pic with the comb hither eyes.

    1. Lol - so glad you like your Comb Over special. I would hope you wouldn't answer the door to any of these dudes! Particularly not Cousin, Brother Comb Over.
      It has been fun sourcing them - in fact, there are so many comb over hunters out there, I may be able to have a sequel to this special down the track!
      I'll put you down as 1 for a comb over t shirt. : )

  6. Haha I really enjoyed that one. Comb overs are a classic style for sure. Xx

    1. Hello VBG! Glad you enjoyed it. Comb Overs just scream "Dodgy!" don't they? Have a great weekend.x

  7. The thing about a comb over is that it tells you, right off the bat, that you're not dealing with an honest man. Or a man with much self-esteem. Or much grasp of reality. Or any style. It should be the international symbol for "No way!"

    1. Ba ha ha - so true Dana. I found a good comb over on Instagram and the caption read "Dude, you are foolin' no one!"

  8. I grew up with a man with a comb over, took mum years to convince my stepfather to move on!
    But creepy serial brother takes the cake! :0


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