Friday, September 26, 2014

Freaky Friday - A Man Worth Fighting For

A saga...

Heather knew Dawn wasn't right for Troy.
Her tight fishtail braid began to ache on her head as the photographer fumbled with his lens.
Why had Troy chosen Dawn to sit on his hip for the photo and not her?

Dawn easily attracted men with her strawberry blonde hair, petite frame, and kind nature,
but Heather knew her bond with Troy ran far deeper and stronger than his feelings for Dawn.

Troy had trusted Heather to put blonde tips in his perfect perm one lazy Saturday afternoon,
 and she'd felt comfortable enough with him to explain why she never wore flip flops or sandals due to her slightly webbed feet.
One day, she would leave this town, and make something of her life to pay for the surgery
to have it corrected.

 Heather decided to politely smile and get this over with.
She'd let Dawn have her battle victory today, but the war for Troy's heart was far from over.


  1. Donna, you have a talent for writing heart wrenching love stories! What would people be thinking when they plan to have a photo like this taken I wonder?! Happy Friday x

    1. Lol - thanks Jane. I look forward to bringing you chapter 2 of Troy, Heather and Dawns story one day! I agree - its such an odd photo with him barely clothed. I figured there was a story behind it and I would tell it! Ha ha.
      Hope u r well. Have a great weekend Jane!!

  2. But why is he naked?!
    Your story made the picture even better!

    1. Hi there Autumn! I know! Naked? Why?! What does it all mean? Hope u r having a good weekend. : )

  3. As much as my heart went out to Troy, Dawn and Heather, I kept thinking, "Did I really dress like that?" And the answer was yes...big shoulder pads and all. Plus, I had a highlighted perm. A big one. Aaaargh.

    1. Lol - I think you would have rocked that highlighted perm Dana and worn your extra large shoulder pads like the boss!! I think I'm going to need a photo.... : )

  4. Mills and Boon Donna. Send 'em your manuscript.

  5. Ha ha - They wouldn't have to budget for front cover art. The photo is front cover ready. How's things Kylie?


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