Friday, October 3, 2014

Freaky Friday - Hair on High

Pin on your hair piece folks!

 Jim couldn't wait to get home and slip into Macy's pastel pink frock 
and shoes when Macy took Joanne to the market.

The second the shoot was complete, ego and rivalry took over and the studio was 
awash with hair pins, ripped dresses and hairpieces. 
This would be The Harmonettes last album.

 Mama Ledbetter and her Polyester Posse.

 Karen (right) smiled smugly knowing her hair sat a good 1/2 inch higher than 
the grey hot mess Jaclyn had pinned on.

 The Rathbuns - aka The Taste Testers

 Happy Friday!
Wear your hair high today - the higher the better.


  1. The higher the hair, the closer to Jesus - Inspirational post Donna...although perhaps I didn't need encouragement!!

  2. Lol Julianne! Jesus likes his hair high - the kind you can strap an Antenna to.
    I gave mine a little extra oomph and hairspray today in honour of these ladies. Have a great weekend.xx

  3. How exactly do you create this much height I wonder? I cant pick a favourite. Jim in the first photo looks very odd...perhaps he is concerned about Joanne, Macy and their high maintenance styles.

    Check out the boy with the red hair in the Ledbetters...the smirk, the do, the outfit, that collar! Happy Friday Donna, thanks for the freaks!

    1. Hi Jane! LOL - Red haired Ledbetter. I bet Momma still picks his outfits for him.
      Poor Jim and his high maintenance hair family. He can barely bring himself to touch Joannes coat. Perhaps they still had the tags on and he planned to take them back to the store that afternoon? Have a great weekend! xx

  4. Holy cow! I want to be a Ledbetter! ;)

    1. Lol - hi Pippa!! The Ledbetters would be lucky to have you at Hairpiece Central. : )

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks man!!! It's still fun every week - and even more fun reading the comments. xx

  6. Now that is one serious shaggy dog!
    (Ledbetters, first on left, middle row - crocheted dress)
    Poor Jaclyn, I feel her grey-haired pain!

    1. Ha ha Kylie - agreed - that Ledbetter's hair (lets call her Sherry) is edging into mullet territory. Perhaps she was a little forward thinking in her hairpiece style for Mama Ledbetters liking? I'm with you on the Grey factor. Had to go blonder to disguise and blend blend blend! xx

  7. I'm going to have to look for some old photos of me with big hair. It was ginormous. And, yes, I did have a wiglet, as mortified as I am to admit it.

    The Rathbuns really should have thought through all the implications of that title. I'm getting some really vivid and creepy images in my head of them munching away on God-parts.

    1. Ba ha ha - hi Dana! God parts - classic. "I'd like a leg please mummy".
      Must see a photo of you in your wiglet. I would absolutely love that.
      Have a great weekend!! xx


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